Robertsganj, Sonebhadra (U.P) 231216
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Our Motto  
Our Motto
The motto of the school is “Service before self.” As is self evident from our motto, we believe in attending to the needs of society first. We call upon our students also to give priority to serve the interests of other people first.  We help the students to develop intellectual clarity and power to think independently.
Our Ambition
Our ambition is to ourselves to the development of this mighty country through education. We are confident that our students will not only serve their concerned departments sincerely but also be morally upright and honest.
Our Approach
 We strive to attain all-round developments of every child improving communication skills including verbal and non-verbal gesture in an effective manner. We develop a citizen who can accept both success and failure without using any wrong means. We make sincere effort to blend spiritual and technical qualities so that cultural heritage is preserved.